1.)CHROMIUM PLATING – Electrolytic deposition of chromium on a metal surface, as a protection against corrosion, to provide improved wearing properties, or to build up an undersize part.

2.)CHROMIZING – Similar to carburizing. Low carbon steel parts are packed with a mixture of alumina and chromium powder and heated in a hydrogen atmosphere, forming a surface layer of chromized material of 10 to 20% chromium, according to time and temperature of heating

3.)CALORIZING – Rust proofing process for ferrous metals in which an aluminium film is formed on the surface of the metal. Means of protecting iron from oxidation at elevated temperatures.

4.)ELECTROLYTIC POLISHING – Method of polishing metals in which the work forms the anode of an electrical circuit, and is suspended in a suitable bath of acid.

5.)ELECTROPLATING – Deposition of a metal on a surface by electrolytic action.

6.)FLAME HARDENING – Process of hardening by which steel or cast iron is raised to a high temperature by a gas torch flame and then almost immediately quenched.

7.)GALVANIZING – Rust prevention treatment which consists of coating the metal (iron or steel) with a fairly thick film of zinc.

8.)HARDENING – Process of increasing the hardness of a ferrous alloy by austenitizing and quenching, also the process of increasing the hardness of some stainless steels and non-ferrous alloys by solution heat treatment and precipitation.

9.)INDUCTION HARDENING – Heating the surface of cast iron or tool steel by means of electromagnetic currents followed by a quench.

10.)LACQUERING – A protective coat given to an article to prevent the polished surface from tarnishing, to prevent oxidation or to improve the general appearance and make the article more pleasing to the eye, and hence more saleable.

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