Pump and compressor both are hydraulic machines used to increase the energy of fluid. Both of these devices used in industries and for domestic work. Pump is a device which is used to move the fluid (water, liquid and gases) and increase its elevation. It is mostly used to supply fluid from low elevation to high elevation. A compressor is a device which is a mechanical device just like pump but it increases the potential energy of fluid by compressing it in a closed container.

Difference between pump and compressor

The main difference between pump and compressor is that the pump is used to increase kinetic energy of fluid which further increases the elevation or pressure energy of it.  It moves the fluid from one place to another. But the compressor is mostly used to increase the potential energy (pressure energy) of fluid by pressuring it into a container. It is used to compress the fluid which increases its density and pressure. There are many other differences which are described below.

Difference between pump and compressor:

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