1.)AIR BLEEDER – A device used to remove air from a hydraulic system.Types include a needle valve, capillary tubing to the reservoir, and a bleed plug.

2.)AIR BRAKE – A braking system which uses compressed air to supply the effort required to apply brakes.

3.)ASPECT RATIO– The ratio of the width to the length. On tyres, it is the fully inflated height divided by the cross section.

4.)BODY ROLL – The vehicle body leaning sideways as the vehicle turns.

5.)CAMBER ANGLE – The outward (positive) or inward (negative) angle of the wheel centre line to absolute vertical.

6.)CARDAN UNIVERSAL JOINT – A universal joint of the ball and socket type.

7.)DAMPERS– are nothing but a piston in a cylinder filled with oil or gas. The damper restrains undesirable bounce of the sprung vehicle mass and restrains the wheel assembly from loosing ground contact by being excited at its natural frequency.

8.)DASH BOARD – Part of body containing driving and control instruments, switches etc.

9.)DEAD AXLE – Axle that does not rotate or deliver power but merely forms
a base upon which wheels may be mounted.

10.)DIRECTIONAL STABILITY (steering) – Ability of vehicle to move forward in straight line with minimum of driver control. Vehicle with good directional stability will not be unduly affected by side wind, road irregularities etc.

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